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  • Happy Email

    How to Not Be a Spammer

    Conscientious business owners often tell me, “I don’t want to be one of those companies who’s spamming everyone!”  You know who “those” companies are…we all have at least a few horror stories where we cringed every time Company X sent something…and then we hit “Unsubscribe”!  …

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  • Generate Leads from your Elevator Pitch

    An elevator pitch isn’t just for people who are starting a new business. It’s important for all business owners to have a potent 30 seconds at their fingertips. You’ll find it a powerful way to attract new customers, partners, or whomever you want to meet. …

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  • Bike Features & Benefits

    Increasing Impact with Features and Benefits

    Companies can increase the impact of their marketing and sales by understanding the difference between “features” and “benefits.”  First, let me explain what I mean by these terms; then I’ll show you why it’s a powerful concept. “Features” describe the product or service and what …

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